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ProTrans Partners with project44

ProTrans is strengthening its load tracking capabilities by integrating with the transportation visibility leader, project44. This system gives users complete network visibility from point of pickup to point of delivery as well as key insights and shipment metrics to aid decision making. Find out more about what project44 is and what its partnership with ProTrans can offer our accounts.

What is project44?

project44 is a real-time visibility platform that seamlessly tracks shipments, regardless of mode, via ELD, telematics, app-less tracking, and other smartphone applications to provide door-to-door visibility and enable precise decision making. After the data is mined, project44 applies unique predictive analytics to deliver accurate arrival, pickup, location, ETA, and delivery information. The system is a versatile tool that is compatible with over 92% of ELD/telematics devices as well as fully integrated into ProTrans TMS OPTIMIZ.

Using project44, ProTrans can more accurately track shipments across multiple modes across North America and Europe. We have enhanced geofencing capabilities around our designated warehouses and facilities. Our data mining is improved using API-based collection, which enables high-fidelity location acquisition and dynamic ETA calculation. project44 also helps funnel multiple data sources into a single platform.

What is the Impact on ProTrans Accounts?

With project44, ProTrans can deliver a more transparent customer experience by providing accurate arrival times to your partner facilities. It provides our accounts with advanced insight into the status of their shipments to better manage exceptions and address at-risk shipments – reducing costs associated with missed appointments and waiting time. We can leverage project44’s prebuilt network of telematics providers and carrier partners in lieu of costly one-off carrier integrations to automate the entire shipment workflow. Using project44’s automation features, we can reduce or remove the need to reach out to carriers for key paperwork like invoices or PODs.

ProTrans is excited to partner with project44 as its new shipment visibility platform. With project44 ProTrans can provide more accurate arrival and departure times, real-time tracking and status insight, better connectivity for data, and better issue mitigation and resolution for our accounts. We are excited about this partnership and to use it to provide greater value to all of our current and future accounts.

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