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Capacity Optimization

We help you get the most out of every single trailer / container in your network.

Utilize full capacity

Reduce Trucks

Cut your carbon footprint

Making the most of every trailer means you can use less trucks to move your materials.

Optimize Capacity

Utilize every space available

Many companies don’t utilize full trailer capacity. Our goal is to make sure you make the most of every trailer!

Reduce Spend

No more wasted money

At ProTrans, we optimize each truckload to guarantee maximum efficiency and savings.

How we optimize capacity

  • Logistics Posts

    Logistics posts allow freight to be safely and securely stacked. These bars keep freight from touching and allow un-stackable freight to be stacked. We own over 7,000 load bars in our network.

  • Logistics Post Trailers

    Currently 70%+ of the trailers in our consolidation network are logistics post trailers. These trailers allow us to use the logistics posts and ultimately increase capacity.

Take the next step in reducing supply chain spend: