29 Years of Experience

We aren’t some one time cost savings provider. We are in it for the long haul, finding you continuous improvement opportunities.

Mission / Core Values

We believe in empowering our experts to create strategic solutions and develop leading edge technology that strengthens our clients and sets the standard for service in the logistics industry.

Every action that we take carries the responsibility of serving our customers, teammates, shareholders, and community to achieve something greater than ourselves. This purpose comes from within and creates proactive people that are willing to go the extra mile in any situation.

Together we stand on a foundation built on trust. This trust is formed through encouragement, compassion, and collaboration from a team of reliable and dependable individuals that understand the importance of their role.

We are relentless in our pursuit of perfection and dedication to raising the bar. We get results and are focused on every single detail from beginning to end. Our togetherness and purpose allows us to exceed expectations.

We don't settle for simply providing the standard, we innovate. We do this by encouraging our people to exhibit leadership, creativity, and ambition. Through this, we produce systems, software, and processes that create NEW industry standards.

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Years of Experience

ProTrans Founded

ProTrans’s history began with our founder, Craig Roeder. In 1993, he formed ProTrans with determination and a simple idea: offer quality customer service and savings. At the time, Craig was working for a logistics company when he expressed to them the idea of consolidating partial truckloads onto a single tractor trailer and only charge customers for the space they used. This would save both the company and the customer money. 

From that simple concept, Craig seized an opportunity and founded ProTrans. ProTrans would not just be another trucking company, but a logistics management company specializing in consolidated freight service from the Midwest to El Paso.



International Services Established within ProTrans

By 2005, the international operations became an entire international department – which would later become TOC Logistics International. 


3PL Services Added


C-TPAT Certification Added


Smartway Certification Added


International Department Established as TOC Logistics International

The International department soon outgrew ProTrans, and in 2011, TOC was purchased by Gary Cardenas, and was formed into its own separate entity.


Optimiz TMS Implemented


TOC Europe GmbH is Launched


ProTrans Holdings Formed

Private Equity company acquires TOC, ProTrans, and Millennial Transport Services to form ProTrans Holdings.


TOC Europe Gmbh rebranded as ProTrans Global