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Case Studies

See how we identify new savings and efficiency opportunities through a unique engineered plan for our clients.

| Automotive

3PL Engineered Supply Chain

Full-service supplier and leader in the design, development, and manufacture of automobile industry components. Conversion to SB Consolidation to Mexico Reduced Costs By 26.5% Over LTL Direct Baseline

| Energy

LTL Consolidation

Our customer utilized multiple logistics providers to manager different segments and divisions of their business, including two 3PL’s handling NAFTA ground transportation. Many trips utilized less than 25% of the trailer. See how our solutions created new savings and efficiencies!

| Automotive

Trailer Utilization

This client was interested in creative and dynamic ways to reduc transportation costs. ProTrans created unique solutions that met this client’s every goal:

| Automotive

Global Cargo Shipping Efficiency

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| Aerospace / Automotive

JIT / Inventory Reduction

This client was looking for a solutions to combine European supply base to support their facilities throughout North America. Our teams introduced our capacity management program creating thousands in savings.