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LTL Freight Consolidation

With more than 30 years of experience consolidating LTL shipments, we have the network, capacity, materials, relationships, and resources that can create large logistics spend savings.

Pay Only For Space You Use

Reduce Spend

Position Pricing

The volume and capacity in our network provides you with the ability to ship to your destination without having to pay for a full truck. Pay only for the space you use!

Reduce LTL Length

Strategic Network

Our cross-docking facilities are strategically placed near high volume areas so that your LTL shipment to the consolidation point is short.

Reduce Damages

Less Freight Touches

Your freight experiences less touch points than the traditional hub-and-spoke method. 

How we optimize capacity

  • Logistics Posts

    Logistics posts allow freight to be safely and securely stacked. These bars keep freight from touching and allow un-stackable freight to be stacked. We own over 7,000 load bars in our network.

  • Logistics Post Trailers

    Currently 70%+ of the trailers in our consolidation network are logistics post trailers. These trailers allow us to use the logistics posts and ultimately increase capacity.

Weekly Consolidation Linehauls

NA Consol Example:


LTL Consolidation

  • 1,751 Miles x $2.00 (ltl rate) x 3 shipments =


  • 300 Miles x $2.00 (ltl rate) x 3 shipments = $1,800

    1,300 miles (linehaul) x $1.40 (consol rate) x 2 shipments = $3,640

    150 Miles average (distribution) x $2.00 (ltl rate) x 3 shipments = $900

    Total: $6,340

    Savings: $4,160

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