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Full Service Global 3PL Management

It’s about getting the most out of your supply-chain.

We manage everything

Data Driven Planning

Everything that we do is driven by your historical data and the trends that we find. We believe that the more data there is, the more planning there is, and the more planning there is, the more savings you see.

We will scrub through your existing data and look for trends and efficiency opportunities.

Our logistics experts engineer and design a new solution that optimizes your supply chain and brings you spend savings.

As a new solution is designed we create a roadmap of savings goals.

Versatile Management

Our teams are dedicated to you 24/7/365 to ensure that ALL of your supply chain needs are taken care of. We manage everything while you focus on your core business needs. 

After creating the initial logistics plan, we continually make sure that your supply chain stays on course and hits the goals set forth in the roadmap.

Regionally placed teams allow ProTrans to consistently provide face to face customer support as well as finding cost-effective ways to operate your network.

Our teams are organized to oversee any situation:

Strategic: CCO and Director of Account Management Tactical: Account Logistics Manager and Key Account Manager Execution: Supply Chain Manager and Route Management

Strategic Control

Your ability to SEE EVERYTHING and make strategic decisions is why we have worked so hard to create innovative technological solutions. With our technology suite OPTIMIZ, you have complete control of your supply chain.

  • Electronic track and trace
  • Heat map
  • Geofencing
  • Push reports
  • Scanning at the point of pickup

Continuous Improvement

Our partnership with you is not about one time savings or fluctuations due to rates. Our partnership with you is dedicated to consistency and continuous improvement measures. We want you to save and continue saving!

The more data that we gather, the more ability we have to predict and plan for surprises. Inconsistencies become limited and your supply chain continually gets more and more efficient.

We focus on keeping you up to date on our performance and new savings opportunities. This allows you to make strategic decisions and continually set the course and develop the plan

Strategic Locations All Around The Globe

Under the ProTrans Holdings umbrella, ProTrans Global, takes our logistics strategies, fundamentals, and resources to a new level.

Get ahead of compliance changes

Reduce customs errors, risk, and cost

Get dedicated air freight solutions

Make expedites more efficient but also minimize them

Reduce spend with optimization and consolidation

Take the next step in reducing supply chain spend: