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Air Cargo Charters for Time-Critical Logistics

When facing abrupt disruptions or unforeseen delays in shipping, on-demand air cargo charter services can be a critical, effective solution for moving freight on a tight timeframe. Developing an optimized solution for your air charter needs requires a trusted partner, team collaboration, a reliable carrier network, and efficient communication. Let’s take a closer look at when you may need to consider Air Charter services and the benefits of charters in meeting time-critical logistics.

What Are Air Cargo Charters?

Even the most planned-out supply chains can face unexpected challenges that need to be resolved – quickly. Air Cargo Charters are a subset of air freight services that provide an option when a shipment simply can’t wait for scheduled flights and standard shipping times. It requires securing on-demand air services to move specific freight on a critical timeline to avoid further complications or potential disruptions in the supply chain.

Air Cargo Charters are often the best solution for:

  • Time-critical logistics (with same-day or next-day delivery)
  • Temperature-controlled services
  • Heavy and oversized freight
  • Specialty and valuable shipments


The Benefits of Using Air Charters

Although Air Charters often come at a higher cost, they provide the fastest, most reliable solution when on-time delivery is in jeopardy. The key benefits of on-demand Air Charters include:

  • Speed

The most significant advantage of securing air cargo charters is the speed at which goods can be transported from one point to another. Dedicated air charters offer the fastest shipping times without the need for layovers or transfers. This advantage is particularly beneficial when shipping internationally with direct routes to their destination. Some air cargo flights can even be booked and flown on the same day.

  • Reliability

Air Cargo Charters are considered “top-tier” air freight services, offering peace of mind even for the most valuable freight. In addition, there is less risk of delays with reliable departure and arrival times to ensure on-time delivery.

  • Security

Airports provide high levels of security and specific guidelines for air cargo charters that minimize a company’s exposure to damage or theft. Safety protocols are tightly managed throughout the entire transport process, helping to ensure the safety and security of your freight.

  • Flexibility

Most airlines have an extensive network of destinations across the globe, providing access to even remote or isolated areas, with the top airlines flying to more than 300 locations. Air Charters involve the exclusive rental of an entire aircraft enabling an organization to fly their freight directly to their necessary destination, tailor the logistics to their specific requirements, and choose the departure and arrival times to meet even the most critical timelines. 

  • Visibility

Air freight service providers offer aircraft tracking with real-time data from departure to arrival so you can track your shipment every step of the way. Complete visibility confirms the scheduled pick-up and delivery times, while giving you peace of mind that your freight will get where it needs to be.

The Expedite Team at ProTrans

Air charters can provide speed and agility when they’re needed the most. ProTrans offers full-service time-critical logistics and crisis management services, regardless of the time of day. We have a dedicated Expedite team that can manage the details for you with a sense of urgency and priority, starting with effective solutions. We provide 24/7 support for quick spot quotes and expedited solutions for ground, air, and charters. 

We have a team of specialists skilled at planning the details for you, focused on providing solutions that optimize your supply chain to and from North America. We have strong, established partnerships with multiple, full-vetted on-demand cargo air charter services. Through this network, we also have access to cargo planes of different sizes and varying load capacities to help you develop the best charter services for your specific needs. 

As a full-service team and logistics provider, we can leverage the entire list of ProTrans’ services for complete door-to-door service, not just airport-to-airport. Managing the process, we can help you secure carriers from the pick-up origin to the airport for charter services and any necessary ground transportation upon landing at your final destination. If you require expedited shipping services, contact our dedicated team at

About ProTrans International

ProTrans specializes in reliable Inbound to Manufacturing integrated with end-to-end, cross-border solutions to, from, and within North America. Backed by innovative, best-in-class service, we focus on engineering high-quality, lower-cost solutions enabled by our global team of experts, in-house Transportation Management System (TMS), and providing visibility of all shipments. Our solutions include Cross Border Consolidation, Supply Chain Management, Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Dedicated Transportation, Global Freight Forwarding, Expedites, and Value-Added Services (Warehousing, Customs Brokerage).

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