OPTIMIZ + Microsoft Azure

ProTrans is proud to announce that we have moved our transportation management system (TMS), OPTIMIZ, to Microsoft Azure. This partnership with Azure will help increase our computing speed, security, reliability, and productivity meaning better visibility for our customers. Take a look at what Azure is, and how this change will improve our service.


What is Microsoft Azure?


Azure is a public cloud-computing service made for creating and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed servers. A public cloud means that it is owned and operated by a third-party (Microsoft) but can be accessed through the internet. It is currently the second largest Internet as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider worldwide and is ideal for providing computing infrastructure for OPTIMIZ. Users can take advantage of several immediate benefits such as it being fully integrated with all existing Microsoft products and it easily compliments existing Microsoft platforms (Office, etc.). It is a flexible, cost-effective system with cutting edge technology making it perfect for hosting OPTIMIZ.


What are the Benefits of Azure?


Azure offers its customers multiple benefits – benefits that we put to use for you. Some of the major benefits include:


Global Scale


This is especially important to ProTrans as we offer worldwide service through TOC and ProTrans Global. Azure is a cloud network with many global datacenters – as opposed to most systems with a single center. Through Azure, we have worldwide reach as well as worldwide elasticity. We can have the power, storage, and bandwidth wherever, whenever, and with how much we need it. This makes OPTIMIZ faster and more powerful than ever – no matter where you are in the world.




Using the cloud, we have less network latency meaning that you receive data as fast as possible. Not only that, but Azure increases availability and can reduce downtime to as little as 4.5 hours per year.




Azure boasts world-class physical and cybersecurity. They offer multi-layer security for physical datacenters, infrastructure, and other operations worldwide giving you greater confidence that your data is protected..




Azure is blazingly fast; partly due to the global datacenters, and partly due to innovative technology and network routing. With this speed, you can input data into, and receive data from, OPTIMIZ instantaneously – giving you greater visibility and decision making.




With this cloud technology, we are not bogged down with the hassle of maintaining sophisticated IT networks, but instead can focus on our core competencies – providing you, the customer, top-notch service.




With Azure, you can have confidence in OPTIMIZ no matter what. Your data is backed up across a vast, secure network and mirrored at redundant sites to ensure that it is always available. This makes disaster recovery and business continuity easier and cheaper, so you never miss a beat.


Partnering with Azure, OPTIMIZ is now faster, stronger, more secure, and more reliable than ever. We are proud to join with this platform to help provide you, our customers, the best service possible.

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