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These are estimated savings and not true value. A full analysis would need to be executed for true and accurate numbers.

Saving Even with a High Freight Quote


The Problem

ABC Company is shipping 16 loads per month at a cost of $1200 per load. A recent rate increase caused the cost per load to rise from $1200 to $1300. ABC company looks for better rates, and finds a decent carrier that will ship the load for $1250. What a win, right? This is how it normally works…

The Solution

ABC company decides to look at other savings options and comes across ProTrans. ProTrans performs an analysis and finds savings opportunities through capacity utilization.  ABC company is only utilizing, on average, 50% of the truck, and with ProTrans network, they can utilize full capacity. This means that they can reduce their monthly trucks by 8!

The Savings

16 loads x $1200 = $19,200 original cost

16 loads x $1250 = $20,000 new cost

8 loads x $1300 (+high quality carrier) = $10,400 optimized cost