Global Logistics Management

We form vested supply chain partnerships that create mutually beneficial opportunities, strong client connections, and unmatched results.

Under the ProTrans Holdings umbrella, ProTrans Global, takes our logistics strategies, fundamentals, and resources to a new level. 

Global Consolidations

Pay only for the space you use

The volume and capacity in our global network provides you with the ability to ship to your destination without having to pay for a full container.

Customs Brokerage

Streamline Customs Processes

  • Get ahead of compliance changes

    We don't simply make sure you meet customs compliance standards, we also stay ahead of the game making sure your supply chain is prepared for any compliance changes.

  • Reduce customs errors, risk, and cost

    Our custom clearance strategy allows you to reduce or eliminate the many struggles and issues companies face due to customs compliance.

Time Critical Shipping

We come through in pressure situations
  • Dedicated air freight solutions

    Air Charter, Premium air, and critical air capabilities at your finger tips. We will make sure you get your shipment where you need it, when you need it.

  • Make expedites more efficient

    We are going to get the time critical job done quickly and well. Unplanned spend may pop up from time to to, so it is important that when it does happen, it's efficient and effective.

  • Minimize / Eliminate Expedites

    You get a consistent plan to standardize and eliminate unplanned spend. We do this by identifying the characteristics of the shipments, tracking the reasons why expedited shipments took place, and discovering operational inefficiencies or trends that might be the cause.

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