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ProTrans | In-House Technology For Your En Route Shipments

ProTrans has continually focused its efforts on taking customer requirements and changing to fit their logistics needs. This principle is proudly displayed in our company slogan “A Perfect Fit” and is a standard by which we have invested in our technological advances. In order that we may deliver on becoming a perfect fit and have the flexibility to change, we created our own in-house transportation management system (TMS) and business intelligence data reporting tools. Doing this has given our customers the freedom, control, and custom capabilities that they need to succeed.

Let’s look at our in-house technological capabilities:

Optimiz – Transportation Management System:

ProTrans Optimiz was developed completely internally by our IT department. It houses all real-time shipment data for customers giving them the control and visibility they need to manage their supply-chain while ensuring that materials are being moved from one point to the next flawlessly. With each customer requiring unique solutions, owning the code to our TMS gives us the ability to provide our customers with custom configurations to fit their specific needs. Our EDI capabilities allow Optimiz to interface with a company’s MRP system creating an environment perfect for electronic invoicing, order management, and shipment creation. Once a shipment is in Optimiz, our track and trace heat map feature displays and updates all North American in-transit shipments on one map.

Optimiz custom configures to become the perfect fit for your logistics needs.

Smart Metrics – Data Reporting

Smart Metrics, our in-house business intelligence tool, provides our customers with the real-time data they need to analyze supply-chain performance and make strategic decisions that can improve upon supply-chain solutions. Our data reporting tool gives customers the opportunity to look at the different dimensions of data in one dashboard. This data can be accessed at any time, or full reports can be created, scheduled, and sent to our customers whenever and in whatever form. The data dashboards include Service Levels, Cost Analysis, Savings, Invoices, Claims, and a Carrier Scorecard. Filtering capabilities include Calendar (year, quarter, month, week), Mode, business Unit, Cost Type, Claim Type, Shipment Type, Mile Range, Lane, Carrier, and Service Type.

Smart Metrics give you the control over your data.

Location Scanning – Premium Tracking

ProTrans location scanning system and process allow for real-time updates for shipments. We CERTIFY drivers and give them access to our software on a mobile hand-held device. With this software, they can scan all parts and packaging which registers as a check call, confirms pickup quantities/discrepancies, and provides pictures.

ProTrans Location Scanning keeps you updated and ahead of the game.

Customer APP – Mobile Tracking/Tracing/Support

ProTrans internally developed customer app provides our customers with the ability to see an overview of all shipment data wherever they are. Not only are they able to see an overview of the shipment data, but they are also able to drill down by the bill to locations, shipment situation, and shipment ID. When opening up a specific shipment, a map view is available displaying the planned route and the location of the shipment while in transit. The customer support feature on the app connects customers directly to their dedicated Supply Chain Manager and Account Manager.

ProTrans Customer App gives you shipment visibility wherever and whenever.

We have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with the tools to have control, visibility, and the flexibility necessary to succeed and strategically plan for their logistics needs. We are continuing to innovate and bring technology to the forefront making our customers’ jobs easier and their supply chains more efficient. Contact us to begin the process of a strategic partnership centered around you!

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