New Sustainability Help for Businesses

Since 2015, the United Nations and others have strived to help businesses attain Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Each year, as green business practices and global concerns rise, more companies are looking for ways to be environmentally and economically conscious. According to a poll by PWC, nearly 72 percent of businesses are looking for sustainable solutions to their supply chains, but often, new players to the sustainability game do not know where to start. Companies like the Environmental Defense Fund are here to help. They have partnered with over ten other expert organizations to create a new website, called The Supply Chain Solution Center, where companies can receive advice to build and improve sustainable business practices.

What is the Supply Chain Solution Center?

This interactive website is a problem solving tool to help companies achieve green solutions for themselves and their entire supply chain. It is a collaboration of the EDF and ten other organizations including BSR, GreenBiz, and the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council. It provides a free, online guide to help businesses evaluate their current green initiatives (or lack thereof) and help them improve. The site has a wealth of resources from zero-waste initiatives to sustainable energy and green freight, and can help businesses tailor plans specifically for them.

How does it work?

The website offers helpful articles and solutions in four main levels: Sustainability 101, Level 1: Engage, Level 2: Execute, and Level 3: Lead.

Sustainability 101: These are sustainable supply chain basics. Companies with little to no experience could access this section to build a foundation on what sustainability is and why it is important. It also offers helpful tips on getting started going green and ways it can help the environment and economy. This section offers various green strategies and success story blogs to help companies begin their sustainability journey.


Level 1: Engage: This is a step up from the basics. Companies will begin to be more educated on green issues and understand how their company operates in the marketplace. This can provide internal analysis and give both internal and external suggestions for improvement.

Level 2: Execute: The key to this step is advancing what the company has learned. Companies should be expanding and innovating solutions across their company and begin looking at business partners and suppliers. This is the step that EDF and others can assist building a sustainability plan for companies and begin standing publicly for green initiatives.

Level 3: Lead: The final step in the Sustainability Journey, this is where companies can begin to become industry leaders in environmental goals and initiatives. The practices will be deeply interwoven into the company, so they can actively advocate for green strategies for their partners and others in the industry.

The site offers guided instruction for those that create an account, or readers can browse solutions casually.

Why the Website?

According to the PWC poll mentioned before, a majority of businesses are looking for greener options – not only to help the environment, but to increase the bottom line. Sustainability goes hand in hand with cost savings and initiatives like lower energy usage or recyclable inputs can save companies thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. The trouble is that many companies do not know where to start. This website is a helpful tool to guide and suggest practices that companies can adopt to help them achieve green.

How to get started

Companies interested in The Sustainability Journey can access the link here and begin reading about ways they can get started.

Many companies want to adopt green, sustainable practices for their business. Being new to the practice or the overwhelming choices may leave them wondering how to get going. Joining with the Environmental Defense Fund and The Sustainability Journey can be just what companies need to get started.

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