SmartMetrics (BI Tool)

ProTrans Business Intelligence tool that renders real time shipment data from our TMS – Optimiz

We wrote the code

| KPI’s

One Dashboard

Intuitive Graphs and Visuals

Our BI Tool displays your data in various ways and from various angles giving you what you need to make sure KPI performance is in tip top shape!

Robust Functionality

We make sure you can navigate these graphs and visuals from one location, and have the functionality to get the most out of your data. 

| Data

Actionable Visualization

Multi-dimensional Analysis

It’s not enough to just see your data from the surface or one layer deep, we take you to a whole new domain.

Relational Filters

Quickly view your data from different perspectives utilizing our filtering capabilities along side your data.

| User interface

Fast and Adaptable

Fast Performance

Our software utilizes cutting edge technology so that you experience an incredibly fast system.

Mobile Ready

View your data anywhere and anytime on any mobile device.