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What we do is

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The important part isn’t that we have a spectrum of proven logistics services. It’s that they provide the ultimate toolbox to give you just the right combination for logistics success. Add to that our innate flair for innovation, and what you get is an optimized infrastructure designed to handle anything that comes your way.

Turnkey Third-Party

Logistics Services

Let us manage every aspect of your complex logistics needs, so you can focus on your core competencies.
Flexible for ever-changing requirements
Our Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Services, including supply chain management, supply chain design, transportation procurement and route management, are designed to fulfill the increasingly complex demands of today’s logistics.
Gaining efficiencies at every turn
Our world-class systems and data capture methods allow us to develop optimized logistics plans that simplify your complex supply chain. Our savings opportunities are true, implementable and — in most cases — guaranteed to impact your bottom line.
We take care of business so you can manage yours
We manage everything — from carrier relationships to rates and regulations — to help you focus on your core business needs. That said, you can still keep an eye on your entire supply chain at any time, with the help of Route Managers who use our advanced Optimiz TMS software to give you complete, real-time visibility.
Optimization Through Consolidation
We move more of your materials with fewer trucks, helping you keep costs down and efficiencies high.
Perfected and unmatched
Operating from strategically located facilities throughout North America, we’ve developed a consolidation network unlike any other. We move more material with less trucks while the risk of unused capacity falls directly on us — not you.
By incorporating proven tools to protect your freight, manage carrier capacity and efficiently operate your supply chain, we’re able to become your true partner — driving down your total landed costs.
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Freight Management

Ensuring the right freight gets to the right place at the right time. Every time.
Matching shipments to capacity — and back
We see each and every transaction as an opportunity waiting to be seized. By having our finger on the daily pulse of the entire transportation infrastructure, we can react in real time to all of your unexpected shipping needs.
First-class customer service
There will be times when you need coverage at a moment’s notice for new business, new lanes, startups or unplanned normal operations. It’s good to know that ProTrans will be there to help you solve any and all challenges — through quick-response competitive pricing, comprehensive route management, accurate pickup and delivery, and in-transit updates with GPS track when available.
Services to fit your needs
  • “Direct-to-asset” freight services
  • Specialized equipment
  • Intermodal
  • Flatbed


Materials Management

Flexible warehousing solutions that respond to your unique inventory and fulfillment needs.
Customer-defined inventory management
Recognizing that your inventory requirements are one-of-a-kind, we offer a variety of solutions that can be tailored to your specific circumstances.
In situations with drastically fluctuating inventory volumes, a shared solution delivers the greatest value. Not only will you be able to quickly respond to racking needs and pay only for space used, you will also share the costs of overhead, personnel and equipment.
Alternatively, when inventory levels stabilize over time, dedicated management is the ideal option. We help you establish an inventory center in your facility, near plant sites or within one of our established facilities, then manage and operate the warehouse in an outsourced manner that meets your established business requirements.
Supplier mall solutions
Through the ProTrans Supplier Mall Program, more commonly known as a vendor managed inventory (VMI) program, your suppliers manage inventory levels based on established and mutually acceptable guidelines. This solution reduces costs associated with planning and procuring materials, while enabling your vendor to better manage their inventory through greater visibility into yours.
Simplified Cross-Border Processing
Multiple validation and verification options for when you need to move inventory across the border.
The border support you need
Our cross-border experts use detailed information to process the documentation necessary for flawless shipments. By completing the validation and verification of part-level detail, and while working in conjunction with your Customs Border Agent, we can streamline the process of moving your freight across the border.
Seamless movement into Mexico

Our specialized ProMex Direct service allows your freight to be moved into Mexico without unloading, additional handling or validation along the border. Freight is verified at the first point of consolidation while Customs Brokerage paperwork is filed while the truck is in transit. This solution allows for virtually non-stop delivery and aligns with our goals of shipping your goods quickly and eliminating all potentials for delay.