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How we do it is

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We’re more than just logistics providers. We’re strategic problem solvers who take a holistic approach to getting the most out of your network. With tested processes, robust technology and talented professionals, we assess your infrastructure top-down — seizing opportunities that ultimately steer efficiency.


CORE – Defined

Account Management

The ideology that empowers a perfect fit


Optimiz Transportation

Management System

Industry-leading software for total supply chain visibility


Optimiz, our advanced Transportation Management System (TMS), is a proprietary logistics management software that not only ensures your materials move flawlessly from one point to the next, but also provides the control and visibility you demand to effectively manage shipments from end to end.


Through an easy-to-use web portal, you can access every shipment in detail. And because it is role-based for security and productivity reasons, every user can manage their work through customized dashboards from any place with Internet access.


Cyclone Warehouse

Management System

Experience lower operating costs, better inventory accuracy and improved material management


Our Cyclone Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows us to more efficiently and accurately process receipts, returns, put orders, picks, moves, issues and counts by using a wireless scanner to transmit data to our software — greatly reducing human error and increasing productivity.


Cyclone also enables optimization by delivering the following capabilities:

  • Bar code label design
  • Receiving
  • Manifest/BOL printing
  • Cycle count
  • Put-away location advisor
  • QA sampling
  • Report customization
  • Picking path advisor

Accessible through our secure web portal, Cyclone offers always-available inventory information — allowing you and your staff to maintain the highest level of efficiency and productivity.


ProMex Direct

Virtually non-stop delivery into Mexico


Using our US Customs Brokerage license, we provide brokerage and verification at our northern US facilities to ensure essentially direct delivery for freight heading into Mexico. We do this by:

  • Processing Advanced Shipment Notices as Expected Receipts
  • Physically verifying all non-truckload shipments for border processing
  • Scanning and sorting parcel shipments
  • Processing in-bonds
  • Scanning AIAG labels against piece ID to verify plant ship to location
  • Allocating costs to the Piece ID level

As a result, we are able to improve data gathering, manage exceptions, reduce handling and transit time, and allocate costs at a master bill level.


The Technology

That Fits Your Business Needs

Automation engineered towards visibility into your supply chain




Our portals give a real-time link to your supply chain.

Our customer portal gives your planners standard features such as tracking and tracing but also shipment management, change notifications and business intelligence reporting.

Our supplier portal helps manage your supply base with features such as shipment entry, ASN entry and supplier compliance reporting.

Our carrier portal is a simple way for carriers to enter shipment in-transit updates, with dashboard and carrier compliance reporting.

Business Intelligence


Our business intelligence platform gives your entire employee base access to your secure data.

For executive management, data is presented in dashboard and graph formats for ease of use.

For more detailed reporting the platform offers advanced filtering and drill down capabilities as well as export options such as Microsoft office formats or pdf.

Supply Chain Software


Our supply chain software includes network optimization, warehouse dock management and border processing.

Our network optimization utilizes both release and historical TMS data to assist in cost savings opportunities such as mode changes, round trip and continuous moves.

Our warehouse dock management controls freight by labeling, measuring and loading trailers utilizing both bar code and RFID technology.

Our border processing expands the process to perform part level validation prior to crossing into Mexico.



Our business to business data exchange is built on the Microsoft Biztalk platform.

We integrate seamlessly with your ERP systems including typical data exchange formats which includes:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Release
  • Advanced Shipping Notices
  • Warehouse Orders
  • Tenders
  • Shipment Status
  • Invoicing

The Life of a Shipment


Shipments originate either through our customer portal, supplier portal, EDI or entered through our TMS.

Shipments are then tendered to carriers through email notifications, EDI or the carrier portal.

The in-transit status of the Shipments is updated via EDI, the carrier portal or entered through our TMS.

Shipments are closed through the EDI confirmation, the carrier portal or closed through our TMS.

Shipments are invoiced and the invoice is sent to the customer or Payment Company via EDI or mailed.



Line Side Feed Operation

Getting materials where you need them, when you need them.


As customers demand more Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory, ProTrans provides warehouses, in strategic locations, with close proximity to our Customer’s plants. We have developed line side feed proprietary software allowing ProTrans to have inventory accountability and manage direct-to-line deliveries to plant assembly lines according to customer build schedules. This program greatly reduces the plants need for material handlers and controls inventory management. Our systems are used to input your Bill of Material and help control build schedules and part out scenarios.


This software enables JIT inventory utilizing the following capabilities:

  • Tugger to line/deli route design
  • Min/Max levels by product at each line and/or deli locations.
  • Electronic order creation based on min/max levels.
  • Pick by Route Sequence
  • Delivery by Route Sequence
  • Bar code scanning at Deli/Line
  • Inventory consumption at line
  • Electronic interface of transactions to ERP System.
  • Inventory visibility of raw materials and/or sub-assemblies within the plant


RFID Technology

RFID and Bar Code Technology

Why RFID? ProTrans has made an investment in the next wave of technology to improve customer visibility into our supply chain. By utilizing passive RFID tags, which are both RFID and 1D enabled, ProTrans provides our customers the best of both worlds of technology. Assets are tagged with RFID technology and as the assets move within the warehouse or in/out the unloading/loading doors respectively, the assets are tracked and the system is updated for tracking visibility and real-time reporting. This technology allows for our customers to have 100% real-time visibility of their inventory / raw material / finished goods within the supply chain process.

Customer Benefits
  • Pallet to trailer updates are systematically updated without human intervention
  • Freight is not left behind on the dock
  • Freight is on the right trailer
  • Visibility to freight on the dock floor
  • Real time trailer arrival and departures
  • Labels are still 1d capable for scanning at the plant

Because of this technical business solution offering, ProTrans can reduce inventory overhead costs, verification and validation of goods within the supply chain process and offers our customer decision making visibility to real-time inventory and shipments so that they may make decisions that will save your company money.